5 Tasty Reasons to visit the Happy Island of Catanduanes

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Are you a lover of Food? Do you travel to find and explore different native delicacies in our country?  Your search is over!

Welcome to the Happy Island of Catanduanes where we offer the Elite Taste of Tradition perfected this generation!

Chef Impling is a local Chef from the Happy Island of Catanduanes and his love for his wife, Madame Salvacion, and of course, his appreciation for delectable food brought him to perfect his respectable Latik Recipe.

So if you appreciate good food and you’re driven by passion and family then you came to the right place.

Every Filipino loves to eat.  When we’re happy we celebrate and we dine together. When we’re sad we console ourselves with comfort food. Every gathering there’s always food.

Chef Impling gives you 5 reasons to visit the Happy Island of Catanduanes to satisfy your taste buds.

1. Chef Impling’s LATIK – every bite takes you Home

Our best seller is Chef Impling’s Latik.  This is a rice cake served with latik sauce.  The latik is not the usual rice curd but a caramelized coconut sauce.  This is called “banyar” in the local terminology, which means “to bathe”.  The soft and sticky rice cake bathes in the caramelized coconut banyar which gives it the Elite taste of tradition.

2. Chef Impling’s IBOS

Our second reason to visit the Happy Island of Catanduanes is Chef Impling’s Ibos. This is a sticky rice roll usually paired with white sugar. Banyar is also a common partner when eating Ibos for it gives the right amount of sweetness to the Ibos. The perfect pair though would be the local chocolate drink called Tabrilla. This is a drink made from the cacao fruit locally grown in the Happy Island.

3. Chef Impling’s PINANGAT

The third reason to visit the Happy Island of Catanduanes is Chef Impling’s Pinangat.  This is not a kakanin but also a local favorite dish enjoyed during special occasions or served whenever we are entertaining guests. Our Pinangat is different from the others because we combine coconut meat with the local fresh water shrimp called Igatan. These shrimps can be found in the river in one of our local towns here in the happy island.

4. Chef Impling’s TILMOK

Chef Impling’s Tilmok, in local terminology means “tumok” or crushed.  This will be the fourth reason to visit the Happy Island of Catanduanes.  This dish is named Tilmok because it’s a combination of crushed Igatan shrimp and coconut meat.  The sweetness of the coconut meat compliments the Igatan shrimp’s subtle saltiness.  This combination makes this dish melt in your mouth.

5. Chef Impling’s Suka

And finally, the 5th reason to visit the Happy Island of Catanduanes is Chef Impling’s Suka, or coconut vinegar.  We Filipinos love our dips so much that our meal is incomplete without them. Our suka is not made from the coconut sap but from the coconut water itself.  The incorporation of the “mother vinegar” makes our vinegar’s acidity within the range of the apple cider.  It’s not too acidic so we can enjoy dipping without worrying too much about upsetting our stomach and get acid refluxes.


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  1. I haven’t tried the rest pero yung latik.. sobrang sarap, kulang ang isa! Hehe will definitely visit your booth in October! 🙂

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