Missing the taste of home? Chef Impling goes to Megamall this October!


Tired of the fast paced city life? Longing for some homey feel?  Chef Impling’s Latik is the perfect comfort food for you.

If you’re in Manila on October 5-17, 2017, drop by SM Megamall trade fair for the annual OKB-Gayon Bicol Regional Trade and Travel Fair.  Don’t forget to look for Chef Impling’s Latik.  A box of our Latik will surely melt away your stress from the city life and bring back the serene and relaxing country feel.  Surely a taste of tradition in one bite of Chef Impling’s Latik.

Every bite takes you home, Best pasalubong, Happy Island native delicacy

A bite of this delectable dessert will surely bring back your happy childhood memories. From the carefree days of your childhood to your mother’s cooking and that familiar feeling of the countryside.  This straight forward dessert melts away your stress from this fast paced generation where everything is instant.



Latik box of 10’s

Quick Facts about OKB

The OK Bikol Association, Inc. (OKB) helps local entrepreneurs and communities realize their potential to make lasting economic and social changes in the face of extreme challenges.  OKB places emphasis on empowering micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), giving them opportunities to initiate and implement broad and important changes in the society.

Once a year, OKB in partnership with DTI and DOT Region 5, hosts OKB Gayon Bicol Regional Trade and Travel Fair.


Chef Impling awaits for its DOST accreditation

Ultimate care and cleanliness are necessary for handling and preparing food. In fact, food business entrepreneurs, whether food processors or food service providers have big responsibilities in ensuring that their food products are handled and prepared properly. This is to avoid food contamination and prevent diseases or the spread of foodborne illnesses among customers.

With these unrelenting concerns, it has become imperative that food processors must be properly trained in Food Safety principles and practice. This is where the guidance and expertise of Food Safety specialists come in.

Chef Impling having submitted all requirements for the DOST accreditation is waiting for DOST’s endorsement.

Currently, DTI and DOT recognizes and endorses Chef Impling as one of the benchmark of the latik industry in Catanduanes.

Last, July 20, 2017 Madame Asuncion Mendoza, Chef Impling’s wife attended the Food Safety and FDA Licensing Orientation organized by DTI-Catanduanes in cooperation with the Catanduanes Negosyo Centers and the MSME’s in the Happy Island of Catanduanes.