From Flop to Pop: Chef Impling’s formula to Sucess!

Simplicio Mendoza or Chef Impling to friends started his career as a craftsman.  He made different artistries and pieces of furniture made out of bamboo. After some time though, he realized that people are drawn to buy food instead of pieces of furniture so he then ventured to open up a bakery. To no avail, his bakery was, again, a flop just like his furniture business.

Without losing hope and heart he met Salvacion Sy of whom will be his wife. And his life suddenly turned 360.  As his romantic life blossomed so did Chef Impling’s desire to delve into the native delicacy business.  Together with his wife, they gave birth to Chef Impling’s famous Suman sa Latik.

With Madam Salvacion as his lucky charm and Chef Impling’s passion for food, they created and perfected Latik (rice cake in caramelized coconut).

It is the perfect fusion of malagkit (glutinous rice), malunggay, tanglad (lemon grass), and gata (coconut milk).

And from a small scale home business, it grew to accommodate 6 skilled workers, 3 among them are out-of-school youth which Chef Impling and Madame Salvacion are helping out so they can go back to their schooling.

Failing really is not an option to any businessman. It takes heart, passion and a whole lot of hard-work and patience to claim success.  But we can always fail forward and try again to give birth to our success stories just like our Chef Impling!

Chef Impling’s store facade beside their home in Sogod Tibgao Virac, Catanduanes